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Horizon Five-Layer Adhesive Sticker Label

Guangzhou Horizon Printing Co.,Ltd, over the years, we have been committed to developing more high-tech self-adhesive sticker labels to meet the needs of different customers in different industries, including Maybelline, IKEA, COSTCO, Sam supermarket and so on. In Oct. 2021, Horizon Printing successfully developed and mass-produced five-layer adhesive sticker labels, each layer all are printed with different content, in the limited label area covers a greater amount of production information, to better meet market demand and provide more superior consumer experience.  


The production process of the five-layer standard is the first on in China, Horizon printing will continue to make continuous efforts in double-layer, three-layer, four-layer, five-layer and booklet adhesive stickers/labels, so as to make the sticker’s/label’s quality more stable and provide better service for more high-end customers in the future. 

Customized Bottle Wine Adhesive Sticker/Label

Guangzhou Horizon Sticker/Label could offer all kinds customized wine adhesive sticker/label, and wine label will fit the front of most standard wine bottles, there are foiling, embossing etc. artwork, that the labels are pasted onto wine bottle will make the whole product and package look more elegant. Wine label could be made into rolls or sheets according to client’s requirement, and also could be made with different artwork. If you have demands on adhesive label, pls feel free to contact Horizon Sticker/Label. 

Custom Logo Waterproof Hand + Body Wash Adhesive Stickers/Label

Guangzhou Horizon sticker/label is a professional printing adhesive stickers/labels manufacturer, could offer all kinds customized Packaging Commodity Labels/stickers for customers, such as permanent adhesive waterproof Hand + Body Wash adhesive labels, the finished stickers could be made on rolls or in sheets, gloss surface finishing or matte surface finishing, all the details are customized.

VOID Security Barcode Sticker/Label

In our daily life, we always use VOID security adhesive stickers/labels, many packages have this VOID security sticker/label, normally after peeling off  the VOID security sticker/label, will leave “VOID”、“OPENED”、“UNSEALED” etc content, and the sticker/label has been damaged and cannot be reused.


VOID security label/sticker principle

VOID security sticker/label is a material-based security label, uncovered VOID security material is a kind of base material is mostly plastic film material. Including after opening up and the hollow-out place leave words and design, which is used for logistics label, security seal label, seal; and after opening up and layered, showing the hidden content in layers, could prevent uncovering, moving and reposting without permission, which is more for code security label/sticker. The label/sticker printed out with this base material, if peeled off and will separate a present words or design from the base material, such as “VOID”、“OPENED”、“UNSEALED” etc words, and stay on the posted content, so as to achieve the purpose of fidelity, provide automatic checking function.


VOID security label features

1. With anti-counterfeiting function, once the sticker/label is peeled off, and cause it is damaged, and irretrievable.

2. Recognition is simple, fast and can be identified directly with the naked eye without the aid of instruments.

3. Printing this label is flexible, the color, size can be determined by customer,  and the font on the bottom can be left "VOID, opened, opened" or the special version specified by the customer

4. A wide range of USES, can be used for sealing, warranty, quality assurance and other contents.


Partial Screen-printing Adhesive Double-layer Sticker/Label

Horizon sticker/label is a set of design and printing integrate enterprise,which is with advanced printing equipment and perfect backup process.

partial screen-printing adhesive double-layer sticker/label, looks like a

normal sticker/label, but is made up with two layer materials, which is 

used for description of products, can cover a huge amount of information is a small size, to allow more information to be provided to the customer in an effective printing space, so that make the printing content more rich, and enhance the product packaging grade. If you have any demands on adhesive stickers/labels, pls feel free to contact Horizon sticker/label.

Hanging Adhesive Sticker/Label Used For Pharmaceutical Factory

Horizon stickers/labels is a professional adhesive stickers/labels manufacturer, the company is committed to helping more and more partners to solve the problem of label through continuous innovation of sticker/label process, and  become a leader in the industry in Guangzhou and jointly promote the vigorous development of printing economy.


The utility model relates to a adhesive sticker/label with a hanging function, includes the sticker/label body with adhesive layer, the upper part of sticker/label body has an extended suspension area, a closed ring hole is provided in the suspension area, the surrounding area of the closed ring hole forms a hanging joint, the suspension area is with a corner connecting part. the surface layer of the corner connection part is the upper extension of the label body, the bottom layer of the corner connection part is the lower extension of the paste layer, the surface layer and the bottom layer of the corner connection are bonded.

Serious Number On The QR Code Adhesive Sticker/Label

Guangzhou Horizon Sticker/Label have printed out a batch serious number QR code adhesive sticker/label with different sizes recently for MEAN WELL Electronic Co.,Ltd, this serious number QR code adhesive sticker/label will be applied to outer packing of the product, it is mainly used to scan the code to trace the production batch of the product and the relevant information of the product, convenient, quick and accurate.

Cold foiling sticker

Cold foiling sticker

We have printed out a batch of stickers with new process- cold foiling sticker recently, it’s that to make the surface of stickers with cold foiling film, then could print some texts or pattern on the cold foiling film. This new process makes the stickers look more textured. After the stickers pasted on the product, will upgrade the whole product, make the product looks more unique, and at the first glance to catch the eye of the customer, can't help but learn more about the product, left a deep impression on the product.

Partial double-layer sticker/label

Partial double-layer label can be applied to the product specification, can print more content of product in a piece label, while the label’s size won’t change, so that in limited printing area can offer more information for customer, which will make the printing content more rich and upgrade the product packaging.

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