Stickers label manufacturing enterprises

Company Introduction

Welcome to Horizon, we are Guangzhou Horizon Printing Co., Ltd, a label company from China.

You may be looking for label suppliers to print labels and stickers for your company, products, projects or just out of interest. Here is a belief company introduction to help you know more about who we are, and what we can do for you.

About the label company

Horizon Printing was established in 2002. As a professional label company, we make - and only make adhesive labels (stickers). We have a factory of about 5,000 square meters (53,800 square feet).  

About the label products

- Though labels are usually very small pieces, our products cover a wide range, including food labels, wine labels, packaging labels, barcode labels, shipping labels, car stickers, decorative stickers and many other customized labels and stickers.   

About the label machines

- We have a full set of equipments to print high quality products for you, including: label film making machines, printing plate making machines, cutting-mold making machines, automatic label quality testing machines, barcode printing machines, relief (letter-press) printers, silk screen printers. We have high speed 6-color, 8-color, 10-color rotary printing machines imported from Japan and Italy. Even millions of labels can be finished in a week.


Who do we make labels for?

- As one of the most famous label companies in Guangzhou, China, in the past ten years, we've made labels and stickers for many well-known companies, such as Lee Kum Kee, Avery Dennison, Schneider Electric, Sunrider, Marks & Spencer, VISA, Sanyo etc., and a lot more medium and small companies.

How do we ship the labels to you?

- Horizon Printing produce and ship labels to abroad countries every week. As labels are small, many products are shipped by express - safe and fast. We also use air freight and sea shipping.

Seeking for label companies in the Canton Fair? It is not far from us. Visit us if you come to China :) You can also watch a company video about our sticker factory.