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Double-layer label for makeup (tattoo products)

In early July, Horizon Printing received an order for double-layer labels specifically designed for tattoo products. Seeing from the label photos, the layout shown perfectly about products information and characteristics.

In recent years, Horizon Printing has already successfully produced various types of labels for cosmetics, including single-layer labels with gold and silver foiling, transparent labels, bar code labels, carton labels, and many other type of labels.

The positive feed backs of mass productions from clients is truly a strong support to Horizon Printing team's services!



Four-layer Labels On Scented Candle Glass Cup For IKEA

IKEA is a world-renowned furniture and household goods retailer from Sweden, and Household items include a wide variety of scented candles, Guangzhou Horizon Labels has customized a kind new four-layer adhesive labels for scented candles, there are 4 pages with content, realize explain production information in multiple languages, customers all over the world could know well about the product. If you want to know more about four-layer labels, pls feel free to contact Horizon Labels.

Horizon Double-layer Sticker/Label

Horizon Sticker is determined to become one of the most competitive suppliers of self-adhesive label in this area by virtue of its good faith management, high grade products, preferential price and perfect service, recently Horizon sticker has received a order from Ashleigh & Burwood Ltd in UK, need to print adhesive double-layer labels in different sizes.

Spain BY TECHDESIGN S.L. Controller Signal Light Hole Adhesive Sticker/Label

In Oct. 2019, Guangzhou Horizon sticker/label received a telephone inquiry on electronic adhesive sticker/label from Spain, BY TECHDESIGN S.L. is a Spanish access control manufacturer BY TECH in Madrid, and provide services to Spain’s biggest bank - SANTANDER CENTRAL HISPANO S.A.SANTANDER CENTRAL HISPANO S.A. Client has the special requirements on the sticker/label material, the label material thickness is required to be 200um, and need with UL certification. After received the sticker design, found that the sticker that customer needed is different from regular label, one label need to die cut 8 holes of different sizes, in addition, there are about 1-11 different numbers of Dia 1.6mm transparent holes. After the labels applied to the controller, these transparent holes will display signal light, so have high requirements on the die-cutting. This controller sticker/label’s material is special, with complicated technology and high requirements on die-cutting, it is a technically demanding and difficult label. After repeated discussion and consultation by Horizon Sticker/Label technology department, has printed out this kind of difficult sticker finally, and customer was very satisfied with our bulk stickers.

  Horizon Sticker/Label is a Innovation, research and development of adhesive label manufacturer, hopes to provide the best service and the most satisfactory label for more customers.

Famous Baby Brand KUB Adhesive Sticker/Label

Horizon sticker/label was built in 2002, which is a leading developer and manufacturer in adhesive stickers, the product of adhesive label is suitable for a wide range of consumer and industrial products as well as other innovative sticker/label solutions. Recently Horizon sticker/label has printed some adhesive stickers for the famous baby brand KUB, KUB is a subsidiary of HK Diai International Trade Co., LTD., ranking the third in the domestic brand of baby children.

Guangzhou MEAN WELL Electronic Adhesive Sticker/Label

MEAN WELL (Guangzhou) Electronics Co., LTD. is one of the few professional manufacturers in the world whose main business is standard power supplies, is a power supply manufacturer whose main business strategy is private brand, which is also the old customer of Guangzhou Horizon Sticker/Label, and have cooperated for more than ten years. Horizon Sticker/label mainly offer the adhesive stickers/labels for a variety of electronic production, including with special requirements adhesive electronic stickers, such as high temperature resistance; special die-cutting punching and so on.

The Warning Sign Double-layer Adhesive Sticker/Label

Guangzhou Horizon Sticker/label is a professional printing double-layer stickers/labels manufacturer, with superior printing technology, to provide high quality printing services for our customers. Horizon sticker/label has printed a kinds warning sign double-layer adhesive stickers/labels for the world’s top three aromatherapy production enterprises King-king Group, which will be stuck to the bottom of glass cup used for general warnings. Small adhesive stickers/labels could cover a huge amount of information for product, if you have any demands on adhesive stickers/labels, please feel free to contact us.

Gold Foiling Embossing Adhesive Sticker/Label For Scented Candle

Horizon sticker/label has offered a batch gold foiling embossed adhesive sticker/label for IKEA supplier TALENT, this gold foiling embossed sticker/label is applied to the packaging of scented candle, the artwork of gold foiling make the adhesive sticker/label looks more dazzling, and the artwork of embossing make the adhesive sticker/label looks more solid, so that the sticker/label attached to the outer package of the product immediately improves the product level.

Famous Cosmetics Maybelline Eyeshadow Box Adhesive Sticker/Label

The products of Maybelline, a famous American cosmetics brand, sell well all over the world, Horizon sticker/label is a professional printing adhesive sticker/label manufacturer, have offered all kinds adhesive sticker/label for well-known brands at home and abroad, and including we have printed eyeshadow box sticker/label, lipstick sticker/label, powdery bottom box sticker/label etc. for Maybelline. If you need adhesive sticker/label, pls feel free to contact us.

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