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Horizon Five-Layer Adhesive Sticker Label

Guangzhou Horizon Printing Co.,Ltd, over the years, we have been committed to developing more high-tech self-adhesive sticker labels to meet the needs of different customers in different industries, including Maybelline, IKEA, COSTCO, Sam supermarket and so on. In Oct. 2021, Horizon Printing successfully developed and mass-produced five-layer adhesive sticker labels, each layer all are printed with different content, in the limited label area covers a greater amount of production information, to better meet market demand and provide more superior consumer experience.  


The production process of the five-layer standard is the first on in China, Horizon printing will continue to make continuous efforts in double-layer, three-layer, four-layer, five-layer and booklet adhesive stickers/labels, so as to make the sticker’s/label’s quality more stable and provide better service for more high-end customers in the future.