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Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

Guangzhou Horizon Label wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for your support in 2021! Wish you have a brilliant and happy Christmas season!

Lots of Love from the Horizon Label team!

广州瀚源标签所有同仁祝大家圣诞&新年快乐!感谢您在2021年的支持! 愿度过一个精彩,快乐的假期!

Horizon label Table-Tennis Tournament Carrying on

 From early Dec.  2021, the 6th. Guangzhou Horizon self adhesive label & sticker Table-tennis tournament kicked off and will be wonderfully finished by the end of Dec. Players have been showing superb skill with many skillful games, as will the loudly applause from audience. This tournament will turn out to be one of Hotlink tradition in the future, to show the sharpness and awesomeness of Horizon label & sticker team.

    For almost twenty years, Horizon self adhesive label & sticker has been building up a strong and cooprative operation team, and keep focusing on various complex process development and mass production, that covers electronic product label & sticker with UL certification, multilayer label & sticker as two layers, three layers and four layers with more information carried, and folded label that is popular in US and EU market. Now Horizon is building up a perfect balance between business and employee happiness, and is ranked as the top developer and producer of self adhesive label & sticker in China.

What are the properties and applications of transparent labels?

 Pasting the adhesive transparent label onto the clear bottles, will produce a crystal clear effect, which looks like there is no label on the bottle, and feel upscale, fresh and young, this kind label is called crystal label. The first to use the crystal label in the country was the brewery.


  Clear label has three layers, they are face stock, adhesive and liner. The face stock of beer labels usually use BOPP, as it is with a certain stiffness, which is suitable for high-speed labeling.


  BOPP is suitable for a wide range of printing, which could used letterpress, gravure, flexible plate, screen printing etc., also could with gold or silver foiling. The adhesive can be emulsified or water-based, but If the labeled bottle enters the sterilizer after filling, the emulsified glue will turn white when heated, destroying the transparent effect. Of course, no matter what kind of glue must be refrigerated and soaked to keep clear and sticky. The liner is usually made of PET or PP film, 30um PET is better than PP film to be fixed on the label wheel.

Body wash sticker/label

Horizon stickers/labels is a professional adhesive stickers/labels manufacturer, the company is committed to helping more and more partners to solve the problem of label through continuous innovation of sticker/label process, and  become a leader in the industry in Guangzhou and jointly promote the vigorous development of printing economy.


Adhesive stickers/labels: ShiLan perfume body wash sticker/label

Printing equipment: KO-PACK rotary letter press

Plate Brand: DongLi

Printing ink: HangHua

Printing material: Avery Dennison

Artwork: letterpress printing 7C + Spot UV gloss 

Colorful Wash Care Cosmetic stickers/labels

·         Guangzhou Horizon Printing Co.,Ltd is a professional printing adhesive stickers/labels manufacturer, can offer all kinds colorful wash care stickers and cosmetic labels, such as body mist stickers/labels; eyeshadow compact stickers/labels; lipstick stickers/labels etc. at present, Horizon printing has offered adhesive stickers/labels for many well-known enterprises at home and abroad, for example, Pure product; Sugarbaby; H&M......these stickers/labels look very colourful, with different color foil stamping and embossing that makes the stickers/labels look very special, which make the stickers/labels look textured and appealing, and it has greatly increased the popularity of the product.

·         So Horizon printing could offer adhesive stickers/labels for clients with high quality, pls feel free to tell us your demands, then Horizon printing offer the adhesive sticker/labels for you.

Disinfectant labels

Color three-layer adhesive stickers

Recently, we have printed out some color three-layer adhesive stickers for IKEA and Reckitt Benckiser, these color three-layer stickers not only look beautiful and bright, but also can carry more product information, have attached some images on color three-layer stickers below, pls check, if there is any questions or comments, pls feel free to contact us, many thanks!


Eye shadow Box bottom Double label

This label is a distinctive double-layer label (with two "ears"), which we can call Eye Shadow Box Bottom Doublelayer Label. The label consists of two parts: the bottom part and the "ear" part.

From the bottom part, we see that because there are many eye shadow colors relating to a lot ofdescriptions , the first layer front can’t cover all the contents and the unfinished is moved to the second layer front . 

As to the “ ear” part , which is divided into three different sizes rectangles by dotted line , can be stuck to two opening places of the Drawer Eye Shadow Box to work as a seal sticker . 

This label is applied to cosmetic boxes with large amount of information and multiple layers.

眼影盒双层标签是一款外观上很有特色的双层标(带有两个”耳朵“),我们可称之为眼影盒底部双层标。 标签由两部分组成:底部部分和“耳朵”部分

two layer-three side folding label

This two layer-three side folding label is our newest product , this label features 1st layer label on the back and 2nd layer label on the front side without stickiness ( no glue) , but the 2nd layer label on the back side has stickiness( with glue) .  In addition, the both sides of the label has stickiness.

It can cover more detailed information.The choice of this product is convenient and practical.

二层三面折叠标签为我司新推出产品, 此款标签特点: 1.第一层标签背面和第二层标签正面无粘性(不带胶), 第二层标签背面有粘性(带胶)。2. 标签左右两侧有粘性.


Successful research and development and manufacturing of four-layer self-adhesive label

Needless to say, for the domestic adhesive label manufacturing industry, with increasingly intense competition in the market, quickly upgoing  operating costs over the year, most of manufacturers been forcing into  Blue Ocean with over competition.

The best way to break up this dilemma is to keep the R & D team's high investment, with high efficiency, and to maintain our comparative advantages in technology at any time. Especially when it comes to multi-layers  labels.

Last Friday (November 10, 2017) The Horizon's R & D colleagues reported again with great news. With the full supportings  of upstream suppliers and the efforts of our technical colleagues, Horizon successfully completed the online printing of 4-layer (7-side printing) self-adhesive labels Not the traditional folding label) technical problems, and has won the very positive comments of customers, will enter mass production later. The customer is a leading brand of cosmetics brand in Europe, its compliments to our technology and services, for our technical accumulation and market image, will have greatly improved.


At present, Horizon label has accumulated considerable experience in multi-layers labels/stickers. Will keep going on this way for a more brighter future. 

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