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Double-layer label for makeup (tattoo products)

In early July, Horizon Printing received an order for double-layer labels specifically designed for tattoo products. Seeing from the label photos, the layout shown perfectly about products information and characteristics.

In recent years, Horizon Printing has already successfully produced various types of labels for cosmetics, including single-layer labels with gold and silver foiling, transparent labels, bar code labels, carton labels, and many other type of labels.

The positive feed backs of mass productions from clients is truly a strong support to Horizon Printing team's services!



Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

Guangzhou Horizon Label wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for your support in 2021! Wish you have a brilliant and happy Christmas season!

Lots of Love from the Horizon Label team!

广州瀚源标签所有同仁祝大家圣诞&新年快乐!感谢您在2021年的支持! 愿度过一个精彩,快乐的假期!

Horizon label Table-Tennis Tournament Carrying on

 From early Dec.  2021, the 6th. Guangzhou Horizon self adhesive label & sticker Table-tennis tournament kicked off and will be wonderfully finished by the end of Dec. Players have been showing superb skill with many skillful games, as will the loudly applause from audience. This tournament will turn out to be one of Hotlink tradition in the future, to show the sharpness and awesomeness of Horizon label & sticker team.

    For almost twenty years, Horizon self adhesive label & sticker has been building up a strong and cooprative operation team, and keep focusing on various complex process development and mass production, that covers electronic product label & sticker with UL certification, multilayer label & sticker as two layers, three layers and four layers with more information carried, and folded label that is popular in US and EU market. Now Horizon is building up a perfect balance between business and employee happiness, and is ranked as the top developer and producer of self adhesive label & sticker in China.

Horizon Five-Layer Adhesive Sticker Label

Guangzhou Horizon Printing Co.,Ltd, over the years, we have been committed to developing more high-tech self-adhesive sticker labels to meet the needs of different customers in different industries, including Maybelline, IKEA, COSTCO, Sam supermarket and so on. In Oct. 2021, Horizon Printing successfully developed and mass-produced five-layer adhesive sticker labels, each layer all are printed with different content, in the limited label area covers a greater amount of production information, to better meet market demand and provide more superior consumer experience.  


The production process of the five-layer standard is the first on in China, Horizon printing will continue to make continuous efforts in double-layer, three-layer, four-layer, five-layer and booklet adhesive stickers/labels, so as to make the sticker’s/label’s quality more stable and provide better service for more high-end customers in the future. 

Horizon Label -- the leading multi-layers label manufacturer in China

Guangzhou Horizon Printing Co., Ltd. has been focusing on  thedevelopment and production of two-layer, three-layer and four layer multi-layer label and folding label over ten years. With extensive experience on various process integration, product stability and high adaptability to different customer requirements, Horizon label is turning out to be the No. 1 doer inChinamarket. Currently Horizon is the key supplier of many multinational giants such as Maybelline, IKEA, Muji, King King Chemical, Talent crafts, Meanwell Electronics, Nanxin pharmaceutical, Lee Kam Kee Food .


In May 2021, Horizon introduced 12 color Taiyo high-speed rotary label printing machine, which is fully servo driven, combined with different processes such as letter press,  flexographic, cold stamping, gluing, folding, etc. With its  top configuration in the field of professional label printing equipment, Horizon has greatly improving the flexibility and efficiency of production including three-layer label, four-layer label and folding table, Will offer best service to  meet the different customized needs of trade.


Twenty years of hardworking, making friends across the world! Horizon label sincerely welcome your visits and guidances, and always provide you with the tope quality self-adhesive label& sticker service!

Horizon New Four-Layer Adhesive Sticker/Label

At present, Horizon Printing has printed a new four-layer adhesive sticker/label samples for IKEA, this new four-layer sticker/label is made up of four layers, could offer huge product information on a limited small size stickers/labels, realized more information, and now Horizon has received a new PO on this four-layer stickers/labels, and has begun mass production.

Horizon printing will continue to make continuous efforts in double-layer, three-layer and four-layer adhesive stickers/labels, so as to make the sticker’s/label’s quality more stable and provide better service for more high-end customers in the future. 

Four-layer Labels On Scented Candle Glass Cup For IKEA

IKEA is a world-renowned furniture and household goods retailer from Sweden, and Household items include a wide variety of scented candles, Guangzhou Horizon Labels has customized a kind new four-layer adhesive labels for scented candles, there are 4 pages with content, realize explain production information in multiple languages, customers all over the world could know well about the product. If you want to know more about four-layer labels, pls feel free to contact Horizon Labels.

Apply To Glass Products’ Colorful Three-layer Label

Recently, Guangzhou Horizon Sticker/Label has offered a batch colorful three-layer adhesive stickers for Luminarc, Luminarc is one of the best and most expensive glassware brands in China, this colorful three-layer sticker will be applied to glass cup, and there are many product information and instructions included in three layers, it has the effect of transmitting more information over a limited area.

Horizon Label Employee Accident insurance

From 31th Jul. 2020, Horizon label and Hotlink Hardware have increased the accident insurance for all employees to RMB500000, aiming to provide better work and life security for all hard-working colleagues. After that, no matter the accident occurs within or outside the company, the accident colleagues shall properly keep but not limited to the medical records, invoices, (medication) list and other valid documents, and the expenses shall be covered by the insurance.We believe that every colleague can work happily and keep healthy. However, once any unpredictable event happens, we will share its difficulties together. Horizon company is strong, everyone will be strong, come on! ! !

SOHO HOUSE Perfume Label With Special Wine Label Material

In last week, Guangzhou Horizon Sticker/Label has printed perfume label samples for famous brand SOHO HOUSE, this perfume label is different from the ordinary perfume label, which was used in wine label material with linen, the material cost is very high, then screen printing black Logo, to make the black look stronger, this perfume label is with embossing, so the Logo of “SOHO HOUSE” looks more solid, simple and low-key, durable and classy.

Horizon Double-layer Sticker/Label

Horizon Sticker is determined to become one of the most competitive suppliers of self-adhesive label in this area by virtue of its good faith management, high grade products, preferential price and perfect service, recently Horizon sticker has received a order from Ashleigh & Burwood Ltd in UK, need to print adhesive double-layer labels in different sizes.

What are the properties and applications of transparent labels?

 Pasting the adhesive transparent label onto the clear bottles, will produce a crystal clear effect, which looks like there is no label on the bottle, and feel upscale, fresh and young, this kind label is called crystal label. The first to use the crystal label in the country was the brewery.


  Clear label has three layers, they are face stock, adhesive and liner. The face stock of beer labels usually use BOPP, as it is with a certain stiffness, which is suitable for high-speed labeling.


  BOPP is suitable for a wide range of printing, which could used letterpress, gravure, flexible plate, screen printing etc., also could with gold or silver foiling. The adhesive can be emulsified or water-based, but If the labeled bottle enters the sterilizer after filling, the emulsified glue will turn white when heated, destroying the transparent effect. Of course, no matter what kind of glue must be refrigerated and soaked to keep clear and sticky. The liner is usually made of PET or PP film, 30um PET is better than PP film to be fixed on the label wheel.

Customized Bottle Wine Adhesive Sticker/Label

Guangzhou Horizon Sticker/Label could offer all kinds customized wine adhesive sticker/label, and wine label will fit the front of most standard wine bottles, there are foiling, embossing etc. artwork, that the labels are pasted onto wine bottle will make the whole product and package look more elegant. Wine label could be made into rolls or sheets according to client’s requirement, and also could be made with different artwork. If you have demands on adhesive label, pls feel free to contact Horizon Sticker/Label. 

Spain BY TECHDESIGN S.L. Controller Signal Light Hole Adhesive Sticker/Label

In Oct. 2019, Guangzhou Horizon sticker/label received a telephone inquiry on electronic adhesive sticker/label from Spain, BY TECHDESIGN S.L. is a Spanish access control manufacturer BY TECH in Madrid, and provide services to Spain’s biggest bank - SANTANDER CENTRAL HISPANO S.A.SANTANDER CENTRAL HISPANO S.A. Client has the special requirements on the sticker/label material, the label material thickness is required to be 200um, and need with UL certification. After received the sticker design, found that the sticker that customer needed is different from regular label, one label need to die cut 8 holes of different sizes, in addition, there are about 1-11 different numbers of Dia 1.6mm transparent holes. After the labels applied to the controller, these transparent holes will display signal light, so have high requirements on the die-cutting. This controller sticker/label’s material is special, with complicated technology and high requirements on die-cutting, it is a technically demanding and difficult label. After repeated discussion and consultation by Horizon Sticker/Label technology department, has printed out this kind of difficult sticker finally, and customer was very satisfied with our bulk stickers.

  Horizon Sticker/Label is a Innovation, research and development of adhesive label manufacturer, hopes to provide the best service and the most satisfactory label for more customers.

Famous Baby Brand KUB Adhesive Sticker/Label

Horizon sticker/label was built in 2002, which is a leading developer and manufacturer in adhesive stickers, the product of adhesive label is suitable for a wide range of consumer and industrial products as well as other innovative sticker/label solutions. Recently Horizon sticker/label has printed some adhesive stickers for the famous baby brand KUB, KUB is a subsidiary of HK Diai International Trade Co., LTD., ranking the third in the domestic brand of baby children.

Semigloss Paper Label Is Better With Lamination Or Not

 Adhesive label is better with lamination or not? Lamination includes gloss lamination and matte lamination, the gloss lamination looks bright sideways, and matte lamination looks matte.


1.Normally semigloss paper label without lamination is suitable for general occasion, such as: warehousing, logistics, on the outer carton of product, it is economical and practical, this label is just for description of product, could save cost for the company.


2. The semigloss paper with lamination generally is used for food packaging, product labeling, and some special environment, and it is waterproof, oil proof and stain proof, also could improve the quality of product. After the label with lamination, the label will look a little more classy, not easy to tear, and the ink will stick better. The quality of self-adhesive labels can also improve customers' experience of products, making people feel that the quality of products should be beyond reproach.

Guangzhou MEAN WELL Electronic Adhesive Sticker/Label

MEAN WELL (Guangzhou) Electronics Co., LTD. is one of the few professional manufacturers in the world whose main business is standard power supplies, is a power supply manufacturer whose main business strategy is private brand, which is also the old customer of Guangzhou Horizon Sticker/Label, and have cooperated for more than ten years. Horizon Sticker/label mainly offer the adhesive stickers/labels for a variety of electronic production, including with special requirements adhesive electronic stickers, such as high temperature resistance; special die-cutting punching and so on.

To assist the Guangzhou International Epidemic Prevention Materials Exhibition

During this outbreak, Guangzhou Horizon Sticker/Label returned to work proactively, cooperate with major disinfection chemical plants, step up efforts to mass-produce labels for disinfectant, disinfectant wipes and other anti-epidemic labels. And with cost of the price to cooperate with customer procurement, was distributed throughout the country as protest material. with the enterprise purpose of people-oriented, Horizon Sticker/Label has been invited to help by larger enterprises in this exhibition.

The 36,000-square-meter pavilion has four exhibition areas, including epidemic prevention products, equipment, comprehensive services and raw materials in Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center. there are more than 600 exhibitors, and more than 6000 registered professional visitors. Since April, China's export of epidemic prevention materials has grown significantly. In addition to the traditional supplies and raw materials for epidemic prevention, Chinese enterprises have also made innovative contributions to the global fight against the epidemic by producing rapid detection kits, intelligent robots for epidemic prevention, smart hospitals and other scientific and technological products and solutions.

There is no difficulty that cannot be overcome and no spring that cannot come,  hope the epidemic will end soon.

Horizon Fire-Drill

On 15th Jun. 2020, with the cooperation and support of all colleagues, the fire drill of Guangzhou Horizon Sticker/Label has come to a successful conclusion. this fire drill not only enables everybody to understand the basic knowledge of fire, improve the awareness of safety prevention, enhance the potential of self-protection, but also enables them to master the ability of emergency escape to the sudden fire.


Custom Logo Waterproof Hand + Body Wash Adhesive Stickers/Label

Guangzhou Horizon sticker/label is a professional printing adhesive stickers/labels manufacturer, could offer all kinds customized Packaging Commodity Labels/stickers for customers, such as permanent adhesive waterproof Hand + Body Wash adhesive labels, the finished stickers could be made on rolls or in sheets, gloss surface finishing or matte surface finishing, all the details are customized.

VOID Security Barcode Sticker/Label

In our daily life, we always use VOID security adhesive stickers/labels, many packages have this VOID security sticker/label, normally after peeling off  the VOID security sticker/label, will leave “VOID”、“OPENED”、“UNSEALED” etc content, and the sticker/label has been damaged and cannot be reused.


VOID security label/sticker principle

VOID security sticker/label is a material-based security label, uncovered VOID security material is a kind of base material is mostly plastic film material. Including after opening up and the hollow-out place leave words and design, which is used for logistics label, security seal label, seal; and after opening up and layered, showing the hidden content in layers, could prevent uncovering, moving and reposting without permission, which is more for code security label/sticker. The label/sticker printed out with this base material, if peeled off and will separate a present words or design from the base material, such as “VOID”、“OPENED”、“UNSEALED” etc words, and stay on the posted content, so as to achieve the purpose of fidelity, provide automatic checking function.


VOID security label features

1. With anti-counterfeiting function, once the sticker/label is peeled off, and cause it is damaged, and irretrievable.

2. Recognition is simple, fast and can be identified directly with the naked eye without the aid of instruments.

3. Printing this label is flexible, the color, size can be determined by customer,  and the font on the bottom can be left "VOID, opened, opened" or the special version specified by the customer

4. A wide range of USES, can be used for sealing, warranty, quality assurance and other contents.


The Warning Sign Double-layer Adhesive Sticker/Label

Guangzhou Horizon Sticker/label is a professional printing double-layer stickers/labels manufacturer, with superior printing technology, to provide high quality printing services for our customers. Horizon sticker/label has printed a kinds warning sign double-layer adhesive stickers/labels for the world’s top three aromatherapy production enterprises King-king Group, which will be stuck to the bottom of glass cup used for general warnings. Small adhesive stickers/labels could cover a huge amount of information for product, if you have any demands on adhesive stickers/labels, please feel free to contact us.

Gold Foiling Embossing Adhesive Sticker/Label For Scented Candle

Horizon sticker/label has offered a batch gold foiling embossed adhesive sticker/label for IKEA supplier TALENT, this gold foiling embossed sticker/label is applied to the packaging of scented candle, the artwork of gold foiling make the adhesive sticker/label looks more dazzling, and the artwork of embossing make the adhesive sticker/label looks more solid, so that the sticker/label attached to the outer package of the product immediately improves the product level.

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