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Horizon New Four-Layer Adhesive Sticker/Label

At present, Horizon Printing has printed a new four-layer adhesive sticker/label samples for IKEA, this new four-layer sticker/label is made up of four layers, could offer huge product information on a limited small size stickers/labels, realized more information, and now Horizon has received a new PO on this four-layer stickers/labels, and has begun mass production.

Horizon printing will continue to make continuous efforts in double-layer, three-layer and four-layer adhesive stickers/labels, so as to make the sticker’s/label’s quality more stable and provide better service for more high-end customers in the future. 

Apply To Glass Products’ Colorful Three-layer Label

Recently, Guangzhou Horizon Sticker/Label has offered a batch colorful three-layer adhesive stickers for Luminarc, Luminarc is one of the best and most expensive glassware brands in China, this colorful three-layer sticker will be applied to glass cup, and there are many product information and instructions included in three layers, it has the effect of transmitting more information over a limited area.

SOHO HOUSE Perfume Label With Special Wine Label Material

In last week, Guangzhou Horizon Sticker/Label has printed perfume label samples for famous brand SOHO HOUSE, this perfume label is different from the ordinary perfume label, which was used in wine label material with linen, the material cost is very high, then screen printing black Logo, to make the black look stronger, this perfume label is with embossing, so the Logo of “SOHO HOUSE” looks more solid, simple and low-key, durable and classy.

Semigloss Paper Label Is Better With Lamination Or Not

 Adhesive label is better with lamination or not? Lamination includes gloss lamination and matte lamination, the gloss lamination looks bright sideways, and matte lamination looks matte.


1.Normally semigloss paper label without lamination is suitable for general occasion, such as: warehousing, logistics, on the outer carton of product, it is economical and practical, this label is just for description of product, could save cost for the company.


2. The semigloss paper with lamination generally is used for food packaging, product labeling, and some special environment, and it is waterproof, oil proof and stain proof, also could improve the quality of product. After the label with lamination, the label will look a little more classy, not easy to tear, and the ink will stick better. The quality of self-adhesive labels can also improve customers' experience of products, making people feel that the quality of products should be beyond reproach.

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