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VOID Security Barcode Sticker/Label

In our daily life, we always use VOID security adhesive stickers/labels, many packages have this VOID security sticker/label, normally after peeling off  the VOID security sticker/label, will leave “VOID”、“OPENED”、“UNSEALED” etc content, and the sticker/label has been damaged and cannot be reused.


VOID security label/sticker principle

VOID security sticker/label is a material-based security label, uncovered VOID security material is a kind of base material is mostly plastic film material. Including after opening up and the hollow-out place leave words and design, which is used for logistics label, security seal label, seal; and after opening up and layered, showing the hidden content in layers, could prevent uncovering, moving and reposting without permission, which is more for code security label/sticker. The label/sticker printed out with this base material, if peeled off and will separate a present words or design from the base material, such as “VOID”、“OPENED”、“UNSEALED” etc words, and stay on the posted content, so as to achieve the purpose of fidelity, provide automatic checking function.


VOID security label features

1. With anti-counterfeiting function, once the sticker/label is peeled off, and cause it is damaged, and irretrievable.

2. Recognition is simple, fast and can be identified directly with the naked eye without the aid of instruments.

3. Printing this label is flexible, the color, size can be determined by customer,  and the font on the bottom can be left "VOID, opened, opened" or the special version specified by the customer

4. A wide range of USES, can be used for sealing, warranty, quality assurance and other contents.