Stickers label manufacturing enterprises

Production Capacity and R&D Capability

Powerful Production Capacity+Strong R&D capacity+Wide Technical Communication & Cooperation

Production capacity

Horizon is equiped with series of 7C-12C satellite letterpress label printing line, combined with tens of other professional label machines.

12-color satellite-type printer

12-color high-speed rotary presses

Strong R&D capacity

The R&D team is led by manufacturing manager directly, and each teamleader has over 8 years experience in printing. some team members have obtained the printing patents.

9-color satellite-type printer

9-color high-speed rotary presses

Horizon is a mumber of China Printing and Equipment Industry Association, Guangzhou Publishing Association, strategic partner of Avery-Dennison, UPM Raflatac., Guanhao High-tech Co., Ltd., Akzo Nobel ink, Dolby Ink,.

Printing process: 9C Convex +1 flexo + Varnish + can be removed plastic, double-sided printing, 2 sets of cold hot, round knife cutting


December 2014, Horizon introduced the Germany CTP machine for professional plates laser-engraving machine.

Comparing to traditional way, CTP plate can easily achieve higher accuracy, no dirty spots, no shortage of network, can effectively ensure that the layout clean and tidy; computer imposition, overprint more accurate, no artificial error; laser plate, digital information processing imaging, More accurate, more average, the same network from top to bottom, basically to reach the dotless state; network angle is more clear, CTP plate basically does not appear turtle net; network more sharp, CTP plate making network more fine, so the printing level Good, three-dimensional sense of a stronger, some subtle places can be effectively reflected, higher quality, the effect is more beautiful, higher aging.




Workshop 4: slitting, cutting, bronzing, inspection machine



Workshop 3: A combination of web press and flexographic printing to meet the customer's various requirements for stickers and labels as well as to increase production capacity.



orkshop 2 die cutting unit



Workshop 1: satellite rotary printer

Product Center

Widely applied in personalcare, food, pharmaceutical, electronical and household business.