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Horizon Label -- the leading multi-layers label manufacturer in China

Guangzhou Horizon Printing Co., Ltd. has been focusing on  thedevelopment and production of two-layer, three-layer and four layer multi-layer label and folding label over ten years. With extensive experience on various process integration, product stability and high adaptability to different customer requirements, Horizon label is turning out to be the No. 1 doer inChinamarket. Currently Horizon is the key supplier of many multinational giants such as Maybelline, IKEA, Muji, King King Chemical, Talent crafts, Meanwell Electronics, Nanxin pharmaceutical, Lee Kam Kee Food .


In May 2021, Horizon introduced 12 color Taiyo high-speed rotary label printing machine, which is fully servo driven, combined with different processes such as letter press,  flexographic, cold stamping, gluing, folding, etc. With its  top configuration in the field of professional label printing equipment, Horizon has greatly improving the flexibility and efficiency of production including three-layer label, four-layer label and folding table, Will offer best service to  meet the different customized needs of trade.


Twenty years of hardworking, making friends across the world! Horizon label sincerely welcome your visits and guidances, and always provide you with the tope quality self-adhesive label& sticker service!