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Horizon Label -- the leading multi-layers label manufacturer in China Quickvise/HQV/wirevise Automatic Splice (HAS) Hotlink Guystrand Deadend Horizon New Four-Layer Adhesive Sticker/Label Embossed wine label Transparent bronzing label Transparent mineral water label Two - dimensional code label printing Customized Label Sticker Barcode double-layer label personal care label quality medicine sticker quality medicine sticker/drug bottle label drug bottle label Double Sticker four sides 2 layers label Double-layer barcode stickers printed on four sides Silkscreen stickers Double layer sticker label Electrical stickers labels Water Transparent Bottle Label Drawing silver stickers sauce bottle labels Waterproof custom electrical panel adhesive electronic warning battery sticker labels electrical panel labels shower gel label sticker Wine label printing Wet wipe sticker label glass vial bottle label Carton box sticker label Manufacturer Company Introduction Partial double-layer Label About Horizon Enterprise_video Wine stickers label Wine stickers My WeChat Double-layer self-adhesive label Partial double-layer sticker/label Label printing Double stickers Three layers of stickers Three-layer self-adhesive Label Food Label Four fold printing folding label Three fold printing folding labels Three layers label Double layer shampoo label Wine label Custom high quality wine label Eyeliner Double layer Barcode label Peeled out Double layer label Strong sticky Double layer sticker label Fillet Double layer sticker label Pearlm effect Double layer label Bright silver Double layer labe Double layer printed sticker label Folding label Warning Double layer label Double layer Three sides printing labe Cosmetic Double layer Stickers Square Double layer label Three layer label Double layer Barcode label Three layers Sticker label Three layers label printing Oval Double layer label Round Barcode Double layer label Ultra thin Double layerlabel Thicker Double layer label Double layer Stickers Mineral Water Bottle Label Lubricant Oil Labels transparent adhesive label stickers Daily necessities Stickers Two Sided Printing Mineral Water Bottle Label Warning label oral solution labels liquid bottle sticker health care product label palstic vial pill bottle sticker cosmetic label cosmetic label Stickers transparent cosmetic label daily cosmetic label printing stickers UL certification labels stickers security label sticker electrical and electronic products label Label For Power Supply Custom electrical switch sticker Electrical Panel Labels Wine Glass Sticker Red Wine Bottle Label Red wine label Electronic Product Label Gold Foil Red Wine Bottle Labels Food Fruit Label Sticker Lubricating Oil Label injection vial Labels Double layer label Electrical appliances label pure water bottle label oil pen label Stationery Stickers high quality wine label transparent shampoo label transparent+Hot gold label Hot silver label private daily cosmetic label Personal Care Label Sticker embossed liquor bottle labels Alcohol Labels Printing adhesive electronic sticker labels adhesive warning label sticker Four layers of label stickers Successful research and development and manufacturing of four-layer self-adhesive label New Year start with new project 2018 Three-layer stickers News Company News Blog Label Technology Customer Case FAQ Inquiry Information ISO9001:2015 certification Congratulations on the company's floor renovation Congratulations on the company's floor repainting two layer-three side folding label Eye shadow Box bottom Double label Scented Candle Folding Label Horizon Printing hold 2019 Spring commencement ceremony Horizon fire drill activities in 2019 Color three-layer adhesive stickers Cold foiling sticker Horizon self-adhesive label 2020 Spring Festival Carnival Disinfectant labels Horizon 2020 Webcast training session for fire safety demonstration and management Colorful Wash Care Cosmetic stickers/labels Body wash sticker/label Horizon Sticker/Label Birthday Party In The First Quarter Of 2020 Serious Number On The QR Code Adhesive Sticker/Label Famous Cosmetics Maybelline Eyeshadow Box Adhesive Sticker/Label Eyeshadow Box Adhesive Sticker/Label Hanging Adhesive Sticker/Label Used For Pharmaceutical Factory Partial Screen-printing Adhesive Double-layer Sticker/Label Gold Foiling Embossing Adhesive Sticker/Label For Scented Candle The Warning Sign Double-layer Adhesive Sticker/Label VOID Security Barcode Sticker/Label Custom Logo Waterproof Hand + Body Wash Adhesive Stickers/Label Horizon Fire-Drill To assist the Guangzhou International Epidemic Prevention Materials Exhibition Guangzhou MEAN WELL Electronic Adhesive Sticker/Label Semigloss Paper Label Is Better With Lamination Or Not Famous Baby Brand KUB Adhesive Sticker/Label Spain BY TECHDESIGN S.L. Controller Signal Light Hole Adhesive Sticker/Label Customized Bottle Wine Adhesive Sticker/Label What are the properties and applications of transparent labels? Horizon Double-layer Sticker/Label SOHO HOUSE Perfume Label With Special Wine Label Material Horizon Label Employee Accident insurance Apply To Glass Products’ Colorful Three-layer Label Apply To Glass Products’ Colorful Three-layer Adhesive Label PET The latest three-layer adhesive label Four-layer Labels On Scented Candle Glass Cup For IKEA Horizon Five-Layer Adhesive Sticker Label Horizon label Table-Tennis Tournament Carrying on Merry Xmas & Happy New Year! horizon_label(2022)PPT Double-layer label for makeup (tattoo products) Double label stickers Label printing 双层标签 不干胶印刷 警示双层标签 不干胶标签 折叠标签 食品不干胶标签 酒标 药品标签 酒标 多层标签系列 洗发水不干胶标签 红酒标签 机油标签 联系我们 关于我们 印刷工艺 日化不干胶 公司介绍 关于瀚源 透明不干胶标签系列 关于瀚源,关于我们 我的微信 企业视频 三层标 个人护理标签系列 圆形三层标签 双层洗发水标签 不干胶材料-特种纸 个人护理标签 日化标签,化妆品标签,日用品标签 超薄双层标签 圆形条码双层标签 方形双层标 化妆品双层标 双层三面印刷标签 珠光效果双层标签