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Horizon Label -- the leading multi-layers label manufacturer in China

Guangzhou Horizon Printing Co., Ltd. has been focusing on  thedevelopment and production of two-layer, three-layer and four layer multi-layer label and folding label over ten years. With extensive experience on various process integration, product stability and high adaptability to different customer requirements, Horizon label is turning out to be the No. 1 doer inChinamarket. Currently Horizon is the key supplier of many multinational giants such as Maybelline, IKEA, Muji, King King Chemical, Talent crafts, Meanwell Electronics, Nanxin pharmaceutical, Lee Kam Kee Food .


In May 2021, Horizon introduced 12 color Taiyo high-speed rotary label printing machine, which is fully servo driven, combined with different processes such as letter press,  flexographic, cold stamping, gluing, folding, etc. With its  top configuration in the field of professional label printing equipment, Horizon has greatly improving the flexibility and efficiency of production including three-layer label, four-layer label and folding table, Will offer best service to  meet the different customized needs of trade.


Twenty years of hardworking, making friends across the world! Horizon label sincerely welcome your visits and guidances, and always provide you with the tope quality self-adhesive label& sticker service!

Horizon Label Employee Accident insurance

From 31th Jul. 2020, Horizon label and Hotlink Hardware have increased the accident insurance for all employees to RMB500000, aiming to provide better work and life security for all hard-working colleagues. After that, no matter the accident occurs within or outside the company, the accident colleagues shall properly keep but not limited to the medical records, invoices, (medication) list and other valid documents, and the expenses shall be covered by the insurance.We believe that every colleague can work happily and keep healthy. However, once any unpredictable event happens, we will share its difficulties together. Horizon company is strong, everyone will be strong, come on! ! !

Horizon Sticker/Label Birthday Party In The First Quarter Of 2020

Guangzhou Horizon sticker/label is a professional production and sales of all kinds adhesive stickers/labels manufacturer, at the same time of continuous development of the enterprise, the company is constantly improving its humanized management and care for employees, and held the birthday party in the first quarter of year on 24th May 2020.

This party not only conveyed the company's corporate cultur, but also improved the employees' recognition and sense of belonging to the company, to let everyone really integrated into the big family of the company, and then maintain a better work mentality.

click to enjoy - Horizon Sticker/Label (Birthday Party) photos and video

Horizon 2020 Webcast training session for fire safety demonstration and management

on 29th April 2020 pm

Horizon adhesive stickers/labels is an professional adhesive stickers/labels manufacturer, which mainly print multi-layer adhesive stickers/labels, booklet  adhesive stickers/labels and all kinds colorful adhesive stickers/labels, at the same time, the company also pays attention to the physical and mental health and personal safety of employees. In order to strengthen the fire safety awareness of all staff, let more colleagues realize the importance of fire knowledge, on the afternoon of 29th Apr. , our company arranged some colleagues to watch the webcast training of fire safety demonstration management in the meeting room.


Through this fire safety training, letting everyone know more about the fire fighting work, master the basic theoretical knowledge of daily fire safety work,  to lay a solid foundation in the work of fire safety for the future.this live video training has promoted the hanyuan tag to a new height in fire safety.                                                            


Horizon fire drill activities in 2019

 In order to further enhance the awareness of fire safety of all staff, improve the ability and skills of fire safety escape, self-rescue and disposal of initial fire, our company recently held fire drill activities. The fire drill mainly includes fire fighting drill, fire knowledge popularization, fire safety inspection and so on.

     In the live drill , the vast number of cadres and workers actively participated, using the knowledge and skills of fire fighting, using dry powder fire extinguishers and other fire-fighting equipment, successfully extinguished the "fire situation" in a short time, the whole fire-fighting exercise process is tense and orderly.

Through the fire fighting exercise, the fire safety consciousness of the staffs has been improved, the fire fighting knowledge has been popularized, the operation method of the fire extinguishing equipment has been mastered, and the expected purpose has been achieved.

Horizon Printing hold 2019 Spring commencement ceremony

People welcome the New year in the sound of firecrackers, Horizon ushered in its good beginning ---Horizon Printing hold 2019 Spring commencement ceremony

On the morning of the eighth day of the first lunar month of 2019 (Gregorian 2019-2-13), Guangzhou Horizon Printing Co., Ltd. ushered in the first day of the New year's work and solemnly held the Spring Festival opening ceremony on the wide playground of the company building. With festive firecrackers to celebrate the Spring Festival, all of Horizon people are happy to start work , looking forward to a prosperous enterprise and personal thriving cause in the new year .

Open the door with spring breeze flapping face,look up and see the hall full of happiness and joy. The company building is decorated with big red lanterns, happy pig pics and colorful electrical lights. All the employees who attend the ceremony are glowing, everyone smiles, and their hearts are filled with excitement . The scene is full of laughter and joy.

At 09:18, the Chinese New year commencement ceremony officially began on the playground in front of company building . Boss Xu made a brief speech, looking forward in the new year the company business will be prosperous , money will pour in form all sides ." At his command, firecrackers was lit up and sent auspicious sound of firecrackers to bring New year's luck.

Gold pig start the New year, Horizon ushered in the good beginning; peach & willow trees spit new green, everything began to renew. On the first working day of the auspicious New year,all the staff returned to work with hope and joy to say "Happy New year" to each other. Full of enthusiasm they are ready to devote themselves to the work in the New Year , open a new prelude for Horizons 18 th development year .

Congratulations on the company's floor repainting

Since Horizon label facility moved to our current site in 2011, we have been sticking to the quality policy of continuous improvement and total customer satisfaction. Nowadays, in order to meet the upgoing quality requirements of trade, Horizon Label has been focusing on the working environment as well improvement of double laybers label, three layers label, folding label and other multi-layers self-adhesive labels.           

For providing all colleagues with in a confortable, clean and tidy working place, Horizon label completely shut down from November 9, 2018 to November 15, 2018 to upgrading current floor. At the same time, strengthening 7S standard and synchronize with ISO requirements, to move forward and continue to learn, for Horizon  label achieving a more vigorously and brighter future!

Great news of new equipment and process in Horizon Label

To cope with the rapid changes in the label market, as well as to meet the market demand of Horizon label's customers. 

After a long-term investigation by our marketing staff, Horizon label successfully introduced a folding label composite equipment in October 2018. After more than a month of proofing, process testing, and trial production, Horizon label successful achieved mass production at the beginning of this month, the folded label  was highly praised by customers!            

(attached herewith are semi finished and finished folding label). 

ISO9001:2015 certification

With various efforts of all colleagues, Horizon Label has successfully upgraded and passed the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification recently, and won the certificate issued by Zhongjian Certification Co., Ltd. This marks 

our company's further standardization, and scientification of advanced internal management.          

  The passing of ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification is a great reward of Horizon label's current management and quality system, which focuses on multi-layer labels, folding labels  This is complementary to our company's quality policy of continuous improvement and customer satisfaction. 

Our company will use this quality management system to strengthen management networks consistently  , expanding Horizon's label strengthness,  striving to total customer satisfaction, aiming at zero defects of outputs. 

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