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Hanging Adhesive Sticker/Label Used For Pharmaceutical Factory

Horizon stickers/labels is a professional adhesive stickers/labels manufacturer, the company is committed to helping more and more partners to solve the problem of label through continuous innovation of sticker/label process, and  become a leader in the industry in Guangzhou and jointly promote the vigorous development of printing economy.


The utility model relates to a adhesive sticker/label with a hanging function, includes the sticker/label body with adhesive layer, the upper part of sticker/label body has an extended suspension area, a closed ring hole is provided in the suspension area, the surrounding area of the closed ring hole forms a hanging joint, the suspension area is with a corner connecting part. the surface layer of the corner connection part is the upper extension of the label body, the bottom layer of the corner connection part is the lower extension of the paste layer, the surface layer and the bottom layer of the corner connection are bonded.