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Spain BY TECHDESIGN S.L. Controller Signal Light Hole Adhesive Sticker/Label

In Oct. 2019, Guangzhou Horizon sticker/label received a telephone inquiry on electronic adhesive sticker/label from Spain, BY TECHDESIGN S.L. is a Spanish access control manufacturer BY TECH in Madrid, and provide services to Spain’s biggest bank - SANTANDER CENTRAL HISPANO S.A.SANTANDER CENTRAL HISPANO S.A. Client has the special requirements on the sticker/label material, the label material thickness is required to be 200um, and need with UL certification. After received the sticker design, found that the sticker that customer needed is different from regular label, one label need to die cut 8 holes of different sizes, in addition, there are about 1-11 different numbers of Dia 1.6mm transparent holes. After the labels applied to the controller, these transparent holes will display signal light, so have high requirements on the die-cutting. This controller sticker/label’s material is special, with complicated technology and high requirements on die-cutting, it is a technically demanding and difficult label. After repeated discussion and consultation by Horizon Sticker/Label technology department, has printed out this kind of difficult sticker finally, and customer was very satisfied with our bulk stickers.

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