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What are the properties and applications of transparent labels?

 Pasting the adhesive transparent label onto the clear bottles, will produce a crystal clear effect, which looks like there is no label on the bottle, and feel upscale, fresh and young, this kind label is called crystal label. The first to use the crystal label in the country was the brewery.


  Clear label has three layers, they are face stock, adhesive and liner. The face stock of beer labels usually use BOPP, as it is with a certain stiffness, which is suitable for high-speed labeling.


  BOPP is suitable for a wide range of printing, which could used letterpress, gravure, flexible plate, screen printing etc., also could with gold or silver foiling. The adhesive can be emulsified or water-based, but If the labeled bottle enters the sterilizer after filling, the emulsified glue will turn white when heated, destroying the transparent effect. Of course, no matter what kind of glue must be refrigerated and soaked to keep clear and sticky. The liner is usually made of PET or PP film, 30um PET is better than PP film to be fixed on the label wheel.