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Horizon 2020 Webcast training session for fire safety demonstration and management

on 29th April 2020 pm

Horizon adhesive stickers/labels is an professional adhesive stickers/labels manufacturer, which mainly print multi-layer adhesive stickers/labels, booklet  adhesive stickers/labels and all kinds colorful adhesive stickers/labels, at the same time, the company also pays attention to the physical and mental health and personal safety of employees. In order to strengthen the fire safety awareness of all staff, let more colleagues realize the importance of fire knowledge, on the afternoon of 29th Apr. , our company arranged some colleagues to watch the webcast training of fire safety demonstration management in the meeting room.


Through this fire safety training, letting everyone know more about the fire fighting work, master the basic theoretical knowledge of daily fire safety work,  to lay a solid foundation in the work of fire safety for the future.this live video training has promoted the hanyuan tag to a new height in fire safety.